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Reasons to quit a dead-end job

Ever feel like you are working nothing but a dead-end job, the kind of job that’s never going to help you get anywhere you want to go in the kind of job that’s always going to have you feeling worn out, worn down, and sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

We’ve all been there.

For some folks, however, finding some kind of redeeming quality to a dead-end job allows them to keep pushing for even if they really want to quit and find something new. Maybe it’s the people they work with, maybe it’s the potential that exists in the future, and maybe it’s just the routine.

Before other people, the drive to quit a job is ever present and isn’t going away anytime soon. If you are thinking about taking the plunge and jumping ship, here are a couple of reasons to seriously do exactly that.

Has your pay stayed the same for a long block of time?

Not every job is going to provide raises every six months or even every year, but if you’ve gone longer than two years without getting a bump in pay it’s time to find somewhere new to work.

Have your responsibilities stayed exactly the same?

If your responsibilities at work haven’t changed at all, and if there isn’t any sign of those responsibilities increasing in the future (with the simultaneous bump in pay coming down the line), you’ve likely reached the pinnacle of what this job has to offer and it’s time to jump ship.

Are other employees bailing left and right?

If you aren’t the only person sick and tired of working where you work, and if others have actually already taken the plunge and decided to find work somewhere else, the odds are pretty good working at a dead-end job and need to give it up ASAP.

Do you have a boss you don’t respect?

Everyone – and we mean EVERYONE – is eventually going to have to work with or work for someone that they do not like. Personality types can be all over the place in a business setting, and you inevitably aren’t going to get along well with everyone that you have to work for. However, there is a world of difference between not liking the boss you have and not respecting the boss you have because of who they are, how they manage, or how they go about their business. If you don’t respect your boss, you might want to get out there

Is the company stuck in the mud?

Depending upon the company’s goals, the company culture, and the overall trajectory of the company you are working at you should be able to determine pretty easily whether or not this company is going somewhere in the future or if they have already peaked and are now on the down slope towards mediocrity or worse. It’s always a good idea to work at companies that are on the upside and moving forward, as opposed to fighting with the rats to climb off of a sinking ship..

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