The best ways of saving money when removing mold

How To Save Money When Removing Mold

Almost every home has experienced the dreaded emergence of mold, be it in their bathroom or creeping up the walls of the cellar. But fear not, as mold need not be an expensive problem to treat. In fact, there are ways in which you can eliminate mold on a budget. Of course, for those with a serious infestation of mold, it would be best to call in the professionals to ensure that every trace of it is eradicated. Mold not only makes a home look ugly, but it can also have serious implications on your health, so if you have a problem with mold in your home, then the sooner you get it treated the better.


How Much Does It Cost To Remove Mold?


If you are wondering how much it will cost to remove mold from your home, there will be several key factors that play a role.  Firstly the size and spread of the infection will determine how much you will expect to pay. Secondly, the type of mold growing will be an important player. A lastly, the treatment used will factor into the end cost.


But if you are on a budget and want to try to deal with the problem yourself, you are in luck. According to the best mold removal company in San Antonio, there are several simple and cost-effective things you can do to rid your home of this unwanted intruder and each method will require basic ingredients and a little bit of elbow grease. It has to be repeated, that if your mold infestation is severe, your best bet is to hire a professional to deal with it. After all, saving a few bucks should not be a priority over your and your family’s health.


General D.I.Y Mold Removal


If the mold in your home is confined to one room or to a single spot on the wall or floor, a simple mixture of washing detergent and warm water coupled with a scouring pad and a little bit of effort will help deal with the problem at hand. Simply fill a bucket with warm tap water and a scoop of detergent and mix well. Now take the wire wool or scouring pad and rub the mixture onto the affected area until all traces of the mold are removed. Leave the wall to air dry unless in a cold climate, in which case you can use some form of a heater to assist with drying.


NB – Ensure that you use a face mask and rubber gloves when dealing with mold to ensure that you do not inhale any of the spores, which could lead to respiratory issues.


Removing Mold From tiles And Grout


The bathroom is the most common place to find mold growing. Typically it is black in color and can be found attached to the grout between the tiles. To remedy mold in the bathroom or on tiled surfaces, take a mix of 50% bleach and 50% water and mix into a spray bottle. Apply a generous coating of the mix to the mold and then scrub at it with a wire wool pad. Once the mold has been removed, give on more spray with the mixture and leave it to dry.


If the above fails to tackle the problem, call in the professionals. They will not only be able to treat the problem effectively, but also determine the root cause of the problem and resolve that too.

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